Lithium-ion battery discharge

Process equipment using lithium-ion batteries is lithium ion battery the discharge process. How to discharge lithium batteries? All cases the working mechanism of lithium-ion batteries are the same, that is, if there is an important difference in the work environment, then, under the condition of non-conventional lithium-ion batteries how to charge?
Lithium battery the discharge process is balanced at work, in theory, lithium battery depth of discharge to note that discharge rates and discharge.
Depth of discharge is discharge and the ratio of the nominal capacity, the best practical reference is a voltage, lithium battery depth of discharge to the discharge is more scientific? General criteria are: a the battery to2.75Vand 3Vwill be able to charge the battery between, because less than2.75Vtaboo is prone to charging batteries "discharge", when, from the internal structure, may result in excessive volatile electrolytes, second, the excessive reaction of lithium battery cathode membrane changes resulting in decreased ability to block removal of their media to form a permanent loss of capacity.
Another can effectively explain how lithium-ion batteries discharge parameter is the discharge rate, discharge rate can be converted to the current, for example, a 1800mAh Of  batteries 0.1C rate of discharge, and the discharge current is   180mAh and discharge current are typically small as well. So, in the battery, judging from the depth of discharge, pay attention to nutritional supplements from the discharge current, pay attention to long. Because no other secondary batteries of lithium battery memory effect, so don't care about problems with activated battery lithium-ion battery to discharge.
When the lithium battery is idle, the actual discharge phenomena, called self-discharge, then in the process of self-discharge, lithium-ion battery to discharge it? Form there are two: one is negative that makes lithium-ion embedded in the cathode, the dissolution of the second electrode, on the lithium ions on the cathode reduction. These two forms have the discharge process is reversible, self-discharge losses in most of the lithium-ion battery capacity can be added by charging. Looked from the discharge values change, how the li ion battery discharge? This lithium-ion batteries the ambient temperature-related. In General, high temperatures (55) monthly self discharge rate of   10%, and lost only a month at room temperature   2~3%   
In theory, lithium battery discharge point is to understand effects of lithium battery discharge, but in practice, lithium-ion battery how to discharge into the discharge time, discharge notes, specific action. Strengthen the "lithium-ion battery discharge" both knowledge of and longer battery use.
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