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Lithium-ion battery discharge

Process equipment using lithium-ion batteries islithium ion batterythe discharge process. How to discharge lithium batteries? All cases the working mechanism of lithium-ion batteries are the same, that is, if there is an important difference in the work environment, then, under the condition of non-conventional lithium-ion batteries how to charge? Lithium battery the discharge process is balanced at work, in theory, lithium battery depth of discharge to note that discharge rates and discharge. Depth of discharge is discharge and the ratio of the nominal capacity, the best practical reference is a voltage, lithium battery depth of discharge to the discharge is more scientific? General criteria are: a the battery to2.75Vand 3Vwill be able to charge the battery between, because less than2.75Vtaboo is prone to charging batteries "discharge", when, from the internal structure, may result in excessive volatile electrolytes, second, the excessive reaction of lithium battery cathode m…